Custom Design

Demining polycarbonate visor

Our most recent development this year was the design and development of a Demining Polycarbonate Visor. Optically the Visor must be made to the highest standard as the Visor was injection moulded with a total material thickness of 6mm. All other parts attaching the Visor to the Helmet were designed and manufactured to produce a very high quality Demining Visor conforming to STANAG 2920 International Standard.

Riot Suit

Modular pouches to be added anywhere on the suit both on the front and back.  

Trauma packs can be inserted or taken out of the suit  (Front & back) to give wearer more flexibility/less protection or the other way around. Velcro patch for identification. 

Front zip for ease of putting on the suit. Shoulders are protected with durable and flexible caps.

All straps for securing the riot suit to the body and arms  are made using elastic and webbing with velcro for ease of putting on and adjustability.

Modular to fit any additional pouches or rucksack.

Drag handle for pulling injured person. 

Velcro flaps from front panel to back panel for ease of taking off the suit if person was injured or shot. 

Protection on forearm & elbow. 

Webbing & elastic straps with velcro closure.  

Knee cap for knee protection.  

Shin & ankle guard. 

Battle Vest & Backpack

Battle vest was developed in combination with a backpack system used. The products are used simultaneously by paratroopers with the backpack being carried or warn over the battle vest. Backpack consists of an aluminium alloy outer frame and also an aluminium inner frame. Attachment points allow the paratrooper to release the backpack before landing. Battle vest is made to carry ammunition, radio and other equipment. Water is carried in a separate hydration system attached to the back of the battle vest. The development was completed within 8 months and two contracts have been done for Armscor.

Helicopter fleet covers

The SA Air force Oryx and Puma Helicopter fleet was equipped with both Main rotor & tail rotor head covers. Also other accessories were made e.g. exhaust cover and instrument protector flags etc. Furthermore the canopy covers for both the Oryx and Puma were designed and manufactured and later also the BK 117 & MI24 helicopter canopy covers followed. Second phase of the project was to refurbish all the passenger seats of the Oryx fleet.

Rifle Bag with Carry System

- Rifle bag complete with Carry system (Shoulder straps & Hip belt)
- Modular system on the main bag allows for additional Day Packs to be attached to main bag.
- Accessories were made with the bag – Telescope cover and cleaning kit pouches

Tactical Vests and Bags

Tactical vests and bags were designed and manufactured for various departments within the Police. Tactical belts, leg holster and leg carry systems were developed to specific customer specifications. All products were tested by the departments to enable us to produce products at the highest possible standard and quality.

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View Carry System

We have developed a view carry systems with both outer frame or inner frame for various private companies carrying equipment or radios etc.

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Full Body Harness

Full Body Harness designed for Police & Special Forces units. Front Sit Positioning & Chest point for Abseiling, Hot Extraction Attachment Point on shoulder for quick evacuation by Helicopter