Scavenger Manufacturing develops and manufactures textile products and accessories in Industrial, Commercial, Security, Military and Outdoor Recreation markets and also imports various specialized products for related markets. 

Scavenger Custom Design

We have a design capability, which allows us to develop new products and improve on existing products in the various markets and have been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certificate by Alpha Certification Services (SANAS registered company).

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Industrial Products

Personal Protective Equipment or safety equipment was designed and developed for fall arrest and rope access covering the complete heightsafety industry from full body harnesses for Mining and Construction industry to more specialized sit harnesses for the Telecommunication industry

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Security Products

Scavenger body armour range consists of under cover to modular bullet proof vests and Demining suits for mine clearing opperations with additinal accesories like visors and prodders

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Recreational Products

Scavenger sport climbing products were developed across the board for the indoor wall climber and serious rock climber. The sit harness range consisting of both a basic alpine harness (Scavenger Raven) and fully padded harness (Scavenger Focus)

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